About Copper Black Marans


These French Copper Black Marans have been selectively bred for their utility qualities

and more specifically for egg colour and size. They are an ideal breed for keeping in your back garden, being exceptionally docile and calm. Through my very careful & selective breeding these hens are laying amongst the the largest and darkest brown eggs you will come across. The egg size/colour will of course vary, and cannot be guaranteed. You can expect them to keep laying for at least five to eight years.

The egg size on average is in the large/extra large category, weighing between 65g and 78g.

For reference, standard supermarket egg sizes are:

Small: under 53g        Medium: 53-63g        Large: 63-73g         X large: over 73g

Prices - collection only

Copper Black Marans

Pullets          £36 each        Cockerels     £48 each

Availability & Reservation


Pullets are for collection only from WADHURST in East Sussex. You will need to bring your own transport boxes.

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name  French Copper Black Marans

Weights  Cockerel     3.0-3.5Kg

                        Cock     3.5-4.0Kg 

                          Hen     2.6-3.2Kg

                        Pullet     2.2-2.6Kg

   Category  Heavy; Soft Feather

   Eggs  150 - 200 large very dark brown eggs per year