Copper Black Marans and            


                    Pure Breed Chickens


I have been keeping and breeding chickens in Kent and East Sussex for over 35 years and currently sell pullets and cockerels to private buyers seeking only the very best quality stock.

Because of the exceptional standard, my stock has been exported to all parts of the world, including as far afield as Russia, and is usually fully booked in the year prior to hatching.

The Copper Black Marans  and the Welsummers are now direct from Giles Campbell in ELHAM Canterbury, Kent. Each breed is selectively bred from at least two bloodlines, resulting in the wonderful birds and eggs pictured in this site.

This site also includes 5 pages that I have written as a helpful guide to those who are either new to poultry keeping, or who have a genuine interest in poultry genetics and management.

Text, photographs, web Design © : David Campbell.     

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Welcome to my Poultry site

This exclusive site is devoted to offering the highest     quality of pure breed Copper Black Maran & Welsummer chickens available in the UK

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